motorcycle crash

That which didn't kill him may have made him very comfortable.
Sherwin Ramos was riding on the Los Angeles Crest Highway on Sunday when the other rider, who was driving on the wrong side
(h/t Mashable) See it all unfold in the clip above. If this scene were in a movie, it would probably be laughed at as ridiculously
Ahh. A busy highway, what a perfect place to explore utter ignorance to it's fullest. A video from Brazil, that has recently
I can't remember the first time I saw him jump, or whether he was successful or not. He became my hero, however, when I saw the footage from his attempt at jumping the fountains at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. It was a horrific crash, and as his body tumbled, it was obvious he had broken his legs. They just weren't supposed to bend like that.
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WATCH: Video Above After watching this video, you'll be shocked that Denis Borges is still alive. According to a Google translation
The two motorcycles became entangled and did more than 100 donuts as their exasperated riders tried without success to separate
The deputy confronted the 49-year-old suspect -- who reportedly gave off "a strong odor of alcohol" and had a flushed face
Watch incredible footage of the collision here: She was reportedly unconscious for 40 minutes before emergency crews arrived
Jim Daly, president and CEO of Focus on the Family, is recovering from his motorcycle crash Thursday near Gunnison. Daly
Note: Don't ever try to jump a speeding motorcycle. It just isn't a good idea. It's dangerous. Unfortunately, the man in
TMZ has learned Brad Pitt was involved in a minor motorcycle accident moments ago in Los Angeles. A witness at the scene