The croc was "one of the biggest coastal predators of its time."
At first glance, you'd think a title like "We Are Twisted F***ing Sister" would be enough of an indication as to what this film is about. But director Andrew Horn's vision was a film for everyone, not just fans, one which would impart a deeper understanding of and respect for the men who lived it.
Mom's favorite performance of the night was Joey Alexander, the 12 year old piano virtuoso -- the evening's youngest nominee, and the only one to score a perfect "10" from both of us.
I am amazed Lemmy lived as long as he did. In 1985, I would see him at the Marquee club or in a nearby pub with an endless parade of cigarettes in one hand, double shots of Jack in another, pumping coins into a slot machine. He lived 30 years longer than I ever imagined.
Lemmy was famous for always turning his amplifiers up to the maximum and for his anthems to hellraising such as Motorhead's classic "Ace of Spades."
Last Saturday, the Motörhead tour came through Detroit at The Fillmore along with thrash metal pioneers Anthrax and a newer face of hard rock Crobot. It was loud. It was rock-n-roll! The crowd was a sea of metal t-shirts, denim, and black, with an audience of all ages causing all sorts of ruckus.
Throughout the past year, there has been questions regarding the health of Motörhead front man Lemmy Kilmeister, and even more recently, they have had to cut a few concerts short and even cancel a couple of dates because Lemmy contracted a lung infection.
In the early 1980s, the New York City-based Anthrax was on the forefront of thrash metal and would become one the most unrelenting bands with an in your face approach to the way they played music.
The cause? The man had been banging his head at a Motörhead concert. The study's authors agree. Bang your heads, metal fans