Some viewers protested her performance to honor a black record label during Black History Month.
Edwards sang lead on hits like "Cloud Nine" and "Ball Of Confusion."
Mace Williams grew up during the golden age of of Motown in Detroit, and wants people to know about its impact on the Motor City.
Spotify data shows people here have an ear for their city's rich musical past.
Third grade teacher Malinda Williams choreographs awesome dance routines for her students.
"Just being a Motown artist was like being an activist in a way," he commented. "They performed at clubs and venues that
It has been more than a month since my father Norman Brokaw died at the age of 89. My father was beloved by so many in show business because he truly cared about people and treated clients, colleagues and even his competitors as family.
It should also be noted that the special was produced in conjunction with American Girl dolls. The doll presence in the show
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White, a former Billboard editor, has collaborated with Barney Ales -- the right-hand man of Motown founder Berry Gordy almost
Rhonda Ross just wrapped up a summer tour which brought her to large, iconic festivals in Aspen and Chicago and to smaller venues dotting America's heartland.
The Times Square subway station was packed. With the steamy July heat, tensions were high. It was a daunting obstacle course just to reach the steps to exit. I was anxious to get to the air conditioned coffee shop to meet with Broadway star Allison Semmes. Agitated and a bit fatigued, I made my way to the sidewalk. That's when I glanced to my left and there she was, dressed in a red romper with flowing sleeves.
"In about a week or two, my skin was just really wonderful, as far as I'm concerned. It got smoother and everything. I recommend
Talk about getting an early start.
Do you ever feel nervous about the way the original artist may react? Why/why not? I've never actually thought about that
If that sounds like a dream, consider B. Howard's experience as the son of R&B singer Miki Howard who had Joe Jackson for
Detroit was once hailed as the hub of funk and home of the famous Motown Records. It was where the auto industry changed the world and where Marshall Mathers changed hip hop. Over recent years, however, the great city of Detroit has fallen but in the wake of its recession has come its rebirth.