Strong "created an incredible body of work" along with writing partner Norman Whitfield, Motown founder Berry Gordy said in a statement.
The songwriter-producer was behind several chart toppers for The Supremes and other hits that helped make Motown a celebrated record company.
The Motown legend, who died Tuesday at age 76, wore many (fashionable) hats over the years.
The group scored 12 no. 1 hits with songs like "Baby Love" and "Stop! In the Name of Love," and still remains influential decades later.
Some viewers protested her performance to honor a black record label during Black History Month.
Edwards sang lead on hits like "Cloud Nine" and "Ball Of Confusion."
Mace Williams grew up during the golden age of of Motown in Detroit, and wants people to know about its impact on the Motor City.
Spotify data shows people here have an ear for their city's rich musical past.