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The oldest historically black women’s college in America has announced that they will begin admitting transgender women, and barring transgender men.
I'd like to follow up on my previous blog post on the Mount Holyoke College controversy surrounding The Vagina Monologues because of the responses I've received. They've run the gamut from praise to condemnation, from thanks for informing the community of an important event in trans history to constructive criticism as well as vicious name calling.
"I think 'The Vagina Monologues' speak to lots of people even as they don't speak to everyone," Essig said. "I think it's
"The student-group decision to cancel the play was made independently of the College's transgender admission policy," the
Lynn Pasquerella, Mount Holyoke's president, on Tuesday announced the policy shift during a convocation address welcoming
Ignoring the factual truth about anthropogenic climate change means we are dramatically limiting the opportunities and choices of future generations -- at best.
I recently attended meetings and award events at the University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Virginia. As always happens when I am on a college campus, I was struck by the importance and value of education.
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should be in constant contact. Remember: They're going. You're staying. Advice is one thing. Helicopter parenting is another.
Although a women's college is not for everyone, I simply can't accept the myth that women's colleges are no longer relevant or that young girls are not interested in attending one.
By Katie Naymon Move over, Rosie the Riveter. There’s a new generation of feminists in town, and they’re college students
For more on academics, dating, and campus life, read the rest of the article at Her Campus! Elizabeth concurred. “I think
We are watching. We are listening. We are your daughters, your legacy and the next wave of champions for women and girls.
Around 12 a.m. on April 5 a fire alarm went off in Buckland Hall triggered by a small microwave fire. All students safely
Beyond serving a destination for horny young men, I've always been skeptical about women's colleges.
As of Tuesday, Oct. 19, Public Safety was able to confirm that 12 computers had been stolen from campus, most likely on the
Five students are living on the second floor of 1 Faculty Lane a result of an on-campus housing shortage this Fall. "There
In the current recession far too much of the focus has fallen on the Middle Class and their woes. But what about the Lower Class? For them, this has been more of a continuation than a crisis.