Mount Sinabung

Authorities are continuing to search for survivors after Mount Sinabung, on Sumatra island, erupted Sunday.
A motorcyclist's face is covered by ash spewed by the Mount Sinabung volcano in Karo district, North Sumatra province, on
People watch as Mount Sinabung spews pyroclastic smoke at Tiga Pancur village on October 13, 2014 in Berastagi, Karo district
When Mount Sinabung erupted in North Sumatra, Indonesia on Saturday, the pyroclastic flows making their way down the mountain
The country's most active volcano, Mount Merapi in central Java, killed more than 350 people in a series of violent eruptions
Garbage breeds everywhere -- old sneakers, crushed beer cans, plastic bottles, broken glass and plastic household items defile the ought-to-be pristine shores.
Incredible photos of a massive eruption of the volcano made the rounds on Twitter today. Officials warned people to stay
JAKARTA, Nov 4 (Reuters) - A volcano erupted for the third time in as many months on the western Indonesian island of Sumatra
The first eruption of Mount Sinabung -- which caught many scientists off guard -- over the weekend was followed by a second
"They're [evacuees] complaining of diarrhea, especially those who have been at the camps since Sunday," he said, adding that