mountain lion

The mother wrestled the boy away after hearing his cries from outside their home, authorities said.
The strange growth left the state wildlife department stumped.
An elderly mountain lion who spent his life chained to the back of a truck has finally gotten a taste of freedom.  
"It was like the one crow was saying, 'Hey, you're now a crow.' "
The Colorado Parks and Wildlife and its Commission need to take a step back. They must allow for democratic public processes
At the risk of starting a scandal involving promiscuous sex and teenage pregnancy, I have been living in a cathouse for almost two decades. And the madam of the establishment was the mother of nine children.
"I guess," said Lauren, speaking for everyone, "you're not over the hill after all." Stamford Advocate columnist Jerry Zezima
The family was on a hiking trail near the Picchetti Winery in Cupertino, Calif., when the lion grabbed the child. Shawn Ardaiz
As we head into the final days of August, most Americans are looking for one last summer escape. Many people have to travel hundreds of miles to find a refuge from the crush of everyday life. But the 17 million people living in Greater Los Angeles can find wild beauty right in their backyards.
A short stroll before dinner last Thursday yielded a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife sighting -- along with the photos necessary to prove that it really happened.
This isn't the first time D.C. has received reports of a mountain lion. Two years ago, a woman claimed to have seen a large
One of the reasons Silicon Valley has become such a popular locus for the technology revolution is that it is darn beautiful here. The weather is salubrious, perhaps too hot in the most intense part of summer, but mostly temperate.
The truly grand facade stares at you, timeless. But of course time is what makes it. As my observation telescoped and expanded to try and (unsuccessfully) comprehend, a raptor silhouette made a long, graceful stitch in the scene.