mountain lion attack

The boy is in stable condition. The big cat was later killed by wildlife wardens.
Two siblings were captured and taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center.
"She was literally in the mouth of the mountain lion."
The mother wrestled the boy away after hearing his cries from outside their home, authorities said.
While mountain lions engaged in threatening behavior can be trapped and relocated, wildlife officials told the Los Angeles
Eventually, Kopestonsky reached the trailhead where the sheriff and six deputies were waiting for her, putting an end to
The poor young woman recently killed by a lion in northern California got me thinking about big cat deaths in general.
Only this lion wasn't going to wake up. Ever. It was stuffed long ago by a taxidermist. Animal Control arrived on the scene
"Mountain lions don't scratch," Department Communications Manager Kirsten Macintyre told The Huffington Post. "There's a