mountain lions

A Sonora, California, couple had an uninvited guest who really hogged the toilet.
The span along U.S. 101 will only be the second animal overpass in the state.
They could vanish in 50 years – or be protected by "wildlife corridors," researchers say.
The man, who was running alone at Horsetooth Mountain, killed the young lion by choking it.
The Living With Lions project hopes that the more people in Northern California know about the apex predators, the more they'll respect them.
The loss of the famed cougar is one more reason for a California wildlife corridor to protect the big cats, animal advocates say.
It took two tranquilizer darts to subdue the young male.
The family left a door cracked so their pet could go outside.
The deer population has declined sharply, and there's no clear reason why.
Maybe it's because the word refers to the ultimate oblivion, or maybe it's because most of us think of polar bears stranded on melting icebergs when we hear about "extinction," but many of us assume the curtailing of life forever is a remote phenomenon.
Looking out her front window, Kathy Inman didn't know what to make of the massive animal sprawled on her front porch.
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The cougar was accidentally caught in a bobcat trap.