mountain lions

P-81 was found dead on the Pacific Coast Highway just over a month after beloved P-22 was euthanized.
The cougar roamed the Los Angeles area for a decade and became the face of efforts to protect big cats.
Wildlife experts say the famous Hollywood-roaming mountain lion known as P-22 is drastically underweight and probably won’t be released back into the wild.
“It was like a 2- to 3-second struggle," said the dog walker. "He had Piper in his mouth. I didn’t even hear him. I never had a chance” to save the dog.
Des Moines police had initially shared a cautionary alert alongside footage of the supposed cougar roaming through the city’s east side.
The incident prompted the closure of a sprawling Southern California park as authorities continue to search for the cat.
The radio-collared mountain lion known as P-54 met the same violent end as her mother and her cub.
Two mountain lion kittens from a litter whose mother either died or abandoned them are now in the care of a Southern California veterinary hospital.
The boy is in stable condition. The big cat was later killed by wildlife wardens.
Kyle Burgess said he'd stumbled upon the mountain lion's cubs during a trail run in Utah's Slate Canyon.