If you've ever considered spicing up your look with a handlebar mustache, head to the U.K. and join The Handlebar Club. Founded
8. The Almighty Frida Kahlo 10. Peter Paul Rubens' Delicate Handlebar Bonus: All. These. Mustaches. Edouard Manet, "Spanish
The Fu Manchu, the Chevron, the Walrus: We are clearly in the thick of Movember. The advocacy month has men (and women) the
5. Albrecht Durer's Handlebar and Goatee: The perm-esque hair really compliments the curled moustache. Kudos, Albrecht, on
What started as two mates looking to bring back the moustache, has become the leading, global men's health charity, having an everlasting impact on the face of men's health. Although fashion trends come and go, we at Movember plan to keep bringing the moustache back, for one-month only, all in the name of men's health.
Any plans to design a collection for women? Fingers crossed! I can't tell you. Just stay tuned though! Do you have any major
Nick Offerman has a message for anyone out there joining him on his Movember journey: It gets fuller. Sure, you may be halfway
In case you haven't noticed the abundance of upper-lip hair this month, we're here to tell you that we're in the thick of
I am not opposed to a wild summer of Tom Selleck lip or a wintery season of Abe Lincoln face. But summer -- COME ON!
Facial hair is an artform. Sure, some men simply shave daily or keep their beards trimmed, but others go for the glory. We're
"It's rare that you can do something substantive by doing nothing," Tim Minton told Buzz60. "Not shaving in November supports
Recently I got to spend a couple days "being" a Canadian Mountie at Regina, Saskatchewan's Royal Canadian Mounted Police Depot Division, where Mounties have been made since 1885.
"Men are very different from women," said Dan Zenka, senior vice president of communications for the Prostate Cancer Foundation