Move Your Money

If your financial advisers are supposed to work as fiduciaries (that is, putting your interests ahead of their own), yet support presidential candidates who want to make us second class citizens again, are they really serving your best interests?
First, many times products are packaged in bulk and sold at a discount to encourage more sales. Consumers can take advantage
Most of all, it's personal when I see Wall Street can get away with things that those of us on Main Street cannot. They all
Ordinary people are still just important to being the driving force for free market discipline today as they were in 2009. You can never have too much transparency when looking at "boring banks."
Communities across the country can easily utilize a CIRC system for assessing the banks that serve them.
The lessons from this event underscore some of the rules of business today -- rules that echo basic tenets of trust and good, old-fashioned customer service. Simply put, customer relationships do not begin and end at the transaction.
What if $2 trillion dollars of corporate, brokerage and fund money began to migrate back to Main Street using the full 7,800+ population of banks instead of hyper-concentrating in under 100 too big to fail institutions?
As The Huffington Post reported earlier, the reopening of an old account can be unexpected at best and costly when overdraft