“When it comes to protecting Internet freedom, the Christian Coalition and MoveOn respectfully agree,” read the New York
Perhaps politicians have reason to stop cowering in fear at the mere mention of the NRA. According to the NRA's tax forms, the organization lost money in 2014. Revenue was down $37 million from the previous year.
While the unexpected success of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders has garnered much attention, the bigger question is: How have voter disapproval and contempt translated into success for all four candidates? Is dislike the new political currency of politics?
Bernie Sanders will win the first four contests of the 2016 Democratic Primary for the same reasons he won the endorsements 170 economists, and The Nation. Furthermore, Sanders dominated the latest Democratic debate because he's never had to evolve from a conservative vantage point, towards a progressive stance
If Sanders wins Iowa with MoveOn's support, then MoveOn could use this to credibly claim that on foreign policy Democratic voters don't value "experience" right now as much as they value "not getting us in more wars" and "peaceful solutions to prevent war," like the Iran deal.
In contrast, nearly all the major labor unions have backed Hillary Clinton.
A lifelong gun owner explains why he is destroying his gun.