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And it pays $4,000 for just two weeks of work.
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In addition to fame and fortune, Hollywood's biggest stars also have the opportunity to travel to impressive hot spots while on set.
There's nothing like a summer at -- or better yet, in -- the movies. Lake Lure, North Carolina This charming London neighborhood
In honor of this year's Academy Awards, hotel search trivago has put together a collection of seven impressive hotels that served as filming locations for some of your favorite films of the year.
If you've ever wanted to walk the halls of Downton Abbey or through Panem's District 12, lucky for you, you can do just that.
"But what about other Arab countries?" "Insurance is too high. Who wants to insure a film in Egypt or Tunisia, where the
And if you think the house looks beautiful, now wait until you see the interiors.
His Philadelphia home from the blockbuster hit can be all yours -- at a shockingly affordable price.
How you can live like Katniss Everdeen -- for a price.
Scott Buckwald has a far more interesting job decorating the sets of some of your favorite film and TV series. Whether it's a dorm room for American Pie 2, or a church in Mexico for The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles -- Buckwald is the prop master to call.
Have you ever wondered how films transport the moviegoer to another place in time? No graphic enhancements needed, just a great prop master.
Cole's tweets of support for the Travel Bookshop were echoed by tour guides and writers who bring visitors to London to the
At times while watching films you'll notice the main character isn't human. You'll realize that the destination where the
Hollywood's star wattage has folks in Greenpoint blind with rage. The normally sleepy North Brooklyn neighborhood has become