movie supercut

There are very few things as equally satisfying and badass as flipping a table when you're feeling hot -- honestly, you don't
Q. Is there anything more dramatic than someone running in slow motion? A. No, you fool. Watch this surprisingly poetic supercut
Here's a surprisingly uplifting supercut of something that should be completely mundane: the ever-popular windshield shot
A compilation of people in movies asking for a divorce.
To each their own. Either way, this exhaustive montage of fight scenes from 98 movies to the soundtrack of Motley Crue's
Do you know how many actors have said a number between one and 50 in a movie? Well be prepared to have that burning question
Here is every Woody Allen stammer ever from every Woody Allen movie ever. Brace yourselves..... Edited by Ben Craw and Oliver
A six-minute mashup has been put together of trailers from 2012's biggest movies. Made by movie site The Sleepy Skunk, the
Just when you thought every good movie cliché already had its own supercut, the Internet has come along with another hilarious
Ever noticed that every Steven Spielberg movie tends to have at least one shot of a camera slowly zooming into someone's