MoviePass' parent company appeared unsure if it the movie ticketing service would ever be restored.
"I'm pretty much sticking with MoviePass at this point just so i can get their sad emails."
The movie ticketing app announced earlier this month it was slashing its offer to customers in a bid to save cash.
Customers of the subscription-based movie ticketing company were previously allotted one film a day.
Parent company Helios and Matheson was forced to borrow $5 million dollars.
Young people led the decline. Since 2007, moviegoing has become steadily less popular among people ages 12-24. This year
At the end of 2011, many media analysts were predicting the demise of movie theaters, but the reality is this: the movie theater exhibition business really doesn't look to be in that much trouble.
The first try at a movie theater subscription service in the United States fizzles. Is the idea strong enough to launch again with a new approach?