Their performance was ebullient. A concerto for two soloists is successful only if they work closely together to exchange
You mentioned earlier you wanted to point out that Heartbeat Opera wasn't your typical male or female performative, it was
Hotel Sacher. We stayed in this five-star hotel, built in 1863, where visiting royalty, celebrites and heads of state stay
The cast was rounded out by the dependably secure Betsy Bishop as a delightfully ditzy Marcellina and Valeriano Lanchas with
St. Sebastian Cemetery is a quiet oasis in Salzburg. Follow me for a little walk and enjoy a rare opportunity to drill deep
"Art belongs to everybody and nobody. Art belongs to all time and no time. Art belongs to those who create it and those who savor it. Art no more belongs to the people and party than it once belonged to the aristocracy and the patron. Art is the whisper of history, heard above the noise of time," writes Barnes.
The recording is a rare musical confluence. It is brightened by Jeffrey Biegel's performance history of the Gershwin and Ellington and fueled by his up-close-and-personal interactions with Keith Emerson and Neil Sedaka.
Richard Strauss: Songs with Orchestra - Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and George Szell - Warner Classics/Parlophone 180gm Vinyl New
Simon is from the South Island of New Zealand. He describes his sound/his accent as being all mixed-up at the moment. Conductor
She Loves Me is not a big, brassy Broadway musical. Based on the play Parfumerie, the revival of the Sixties gem is set in Budapest, 1934. It's a more formal time, and the show champions intimacy and charm.
Q: What drew you to this production? The Sicilian soprano Nuccia Focile brings her extensive experience at playing Susanna
The following letter was written by an audience member who, it is alleged, caused Itzak Perlman to pause before raising his
More than half a decade ago, I wrote some thoughts about the future of comedy in the digital age. Without much modesty I
It celebrated the completion of the Lyceum's first six-year phase, and made an important statement of commitment to classical music in a country where young musicians still suffer from limited access to the classical music resources.
"I don't like to constantly talk about how great Mozart is. Part of that is around the whole idea of the ten thousand hours
"It's so clear when you study history from the woman's point of view that we don't have the full picture."
Any opera (novel, movie, play) with the word magic in the title sets you up to expect just that in the story or staging. Those expectations are certainly met in the production of The Magic Flute, Mozart's final opera, currently at the War Memorial Opera House.
San Francisco Opera's revival of designer Jun Kaneko's The Magic Flute is simply the best show in town.
One researched remedy that I recently took notice of in my journey, entitled "The Mozart Effect," captured my interest and as someone who has a love for music, I decided that I would dig deeper into this Mozart Effect to grasp a better understanding in my pursuit for a cure.