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So, enough then with all this "legal protection" nonsense, please. Thankfully, we find in our Bible instructions for times
What about our family and friends? The people we love and live with. They are not always included in trauma treatment, but their intimate knowledge of us makes them an important tool in our healing. How can they support us in a way that is helpful, balanced and healthy?
Staring at my pile of To Be Read books had begun to feel like staring at my closet full of clothes despairing at having nothing to wear. "To hell with it," I said to myself. "I'm just going to pick a book I want to read."
We are all frightened -- both children and adults. The 24/7 media coverage of terrorism has left everyone feeling scared and helpless. Now that the FBI has confirmed that it is investigating the San Bernardino massacre as a terrorist attack, fears are hitting even closer to home. How do we -- as responsible adults -- comfort, reassure and empower our children in a world that is getting scarier each day?
"If you look for the helpers, you'll know that there's hope."
Are you a film buff? If so, Pittsburgh PA has the makings of a perfect getaway. With three rivers, 446 bridges, and a New Yorkish downtown, Pittsburgh makes a compelling backdrop for movies.
4. Ned Flanders Jr., "The Simpsons" The Simpsons' straightlaced, do-gooder neighbor. Image via Minus We'll admit that he's
Relax, I'm not going to tell you to savor every parenting moment. In fact, I'd say if you're savoring 25 to 30 percent of the moments, you're nearing Zen monk status. What I do have for you, though, are the following six sure-fire ways to boost your conscious parenting chops.
Mr. Rogers, who would have turned 95 today, understood the magic of connecting generations. Linking the young and old benefits both generations and unifies our communities.
SPECIAL FROM The age of the Internet has made our lives easier in many ways – could you have imagined Skyping
12. Mr. Rogers was the greatest hater of all time. Mark Turmell, lead designer of the extremely popular 90s video game "NBA
On Wednesday, Redditor torxirose posted this little piece of advice from our favorite neighborhood teacher: So whenever you're
When I hear parents of young children talk about how their kids wake them at the crack of dawn, and how they'd give anything for an extra hour of sleep, I empathize. Then I tell them not to wish it away too fast, because snuggly toddlers in the wee hours beat teen vampires any day of the week.
ANOTHER PIECE OF THE INTERNET: The question The Edge.Org asked in 2010 was, "How is the Internet changing the way you think
"I know a little girl and a little boy whose mother and father got a divorce and those children cried and cried," he says