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"He was very open and honest with me talking about his issues with addiction, depression," said actress Lisa Jakub.
The cast shared "sweet memories" of the late Robin Williams as they celebrated the film's anniversary.
Robin Williams' 1993 smash hit is being adapted for the Great White Way.
The cake, decorations and snacks paid tribute to the iconic movie.
"Cocktails & Classics" is full of memories, trivia and more.
Mara Wilson explains what it's like to be a part of so many strangers' childhoods.
"I may act like a fool, but I am your father, OK? Always."
Police said the same suspect was reported in the vicinity of a different Santa Cruz bank about an hour before the robbery
Robin taught me that life was meant to be lived with passion. He taught me that even though we all go through harrowing times in our lives, we always have humor and love to distract us.
Tyqwon Welch, 25, was charged with attempted murder, criminal threats, trespassing, arson and possession of an incendiary
This appears to be a lost entry in Christopher Nolan's long line of father-child centered dramas. Unclear if Robin Williams is father, child, or both. Scholars have yet to vouch for its authenticity.
In continued Robin Williams devotions, a Reddit user has spotlighted designer Carrie Winiker's illustrations of 18 of the
Robin Williams infused genuine pathos into complex characters. He could split your gut with laughter in one movie, then cross the comic chasm and mercilessly tug on your heartstrings in the next. Williams was both a worthy hero and a convincing villain.
As we mourn the tragic loss of Robin Williams, let us celebrate the life of this special man who devoted decades of his life to gifting us with laughter and joy.
A listener, a helper, an empathic and caring friend, always available for us, a smile on our everyday life, a huge smile hiding a deep sadness. That no one could help.
Wilson, now 27, posted a "quick update" to her blog on Thursday, saying she'd turned down interviews because she isn't in