WASHINGTON -- While Rick Santorum won the headlines with his victories in the Alabama and Mississippi primaries, pollsters
He had kinder words for Santorum on Tuesday, beginning his speech in Birmingham by congratulating his opponent for his wins
"I don't think there was a single poll that had me anywhere close in Mississippi," he said. But Santorum said Tuesday night
Faced with those numbers, Romney spokesman Ferhnstrom stuck to a different calculus. "I heard them say earlier that it was
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy On Tuesday night, Rick Santorum was projected the
Majorities of GOP voters in both states said they were strongly behind their chosen candidate. Across last week's Super Tuesday
The map below, which is updated automatically every five seconds, features county-by-county data from The Associated Press
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is hoping to rebound in the race with strong performances in the primaries and prevail
The Mississippi primary results are in the spotlight on Tuesday night. Below, a live blog of the latest developments to unfold
"If he can take either of these two states, it is a huge, huge win," Huckabee said of Romney. "The fact that he's polling