Newman's family was rescued by MSF after crossing the sea as they traveled from Libya to Italy.
Thousands have been saved in harrowing rescue missions over the last two days.
The destruction of medical facilities has become a tactic of war.
"We're talking about Europe's refugee shame."
How many philosophers does it take to change a light bulb? It depends on how you define change.
We will not leave patients behind. And we will not be silent. Seeking or providing health care must not be a death sentence. You will be judged not on your words today, but on your actions. Your work has only begun. Make this resolution save lives.
Your own government bombing the hell out of your city, including a children's hospital: This is the horror of life in northern Syria.
The medical relief charity accused European governments of failing to come up with a solution to the crisis and to provide alternatives to the deadly crossings.
Dr. Kathleen Thomas was working as an intensive care doctor in the Kunduz Trauma Center when U.S. airstrikes struck. She describes a typical day in the hospital and events that unfolded during the week leading up to the attack.