mt. mckinley

She said the president should focus on "radical jihadists" rather than renaming mountains.
Admittedly, some of them might be a bit harder to pronounce than "Denali."
The peak was named Mount McKinley in 1896, but Alaska natives had long before called the mountain Denali, meaning "the High One."
READ MORE AT ALASKA DISPATCH NEWS A solo summit this time of year is a real "sufferfest," as Talkeetna climber Willi Prittie
Minnesota mountaineer Lonnie Dupre has apparently completed a solo summit of the 20,237-foot Mount McKinley in January, the first time anyone has accomplished such a feat, according to Stevie Plummer, Dupre's expedition manager.
For the fourth time, to diminishing fanfare, Lonnie Dupre is trying to do what has never been done: Reach the summit of Mount McKinley, alone, in the supremely inhospitable month of January.
Alaskans of any political persuasion can agree that we should get to name our own state's highest mountain, currently misnamed Mount McKinley. And Sullivan is uniquely positioned to do something about it.