Rescuers saved people who were stranded on the hood of their car as they were swept downstream by floodwaters.
Oprah gave Ellen a live update on the California mudslides via FaceTime.
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Since the devastating mudslide hit Washington on March 22, rescue dogs have been tirelessly searching for buried victims
Seismic readings have shown that there were actually two major slides about four minutes apart during Saturday's disaster
Saturday mornings at 11 a.m. aren't meant for massive mudslides. Saturdays are so often meant for sleeping in with a late
Rescue teams are still searching for 176 missing people in the rural region hit by the mudslide, according to CNN. However
The midday sun shone as workers in Levi's and orange hardhats laid panels of wood to erect a new boardwalk, eager to replace the one washed ashore by the Atlantic it had been in front of just nine months earlier.
Which is to say, the weather is acting nuts. Lots of weather has been acting nuts all around the world the last few years
DENVER, Aug 10 (Reuters) - One man was killed and three people were missing in Colorado after floodwaters and a mudslide
In 1991, my 9-year-old daughter Rachel traveled with me to Guatemala where we were struck by the heartbreaking rural poverty and mudslides worsened by widespread deforestation.
And then, in a flash, this dominance of water changed: Our slave became our boss. Our sentimental friend got very serious
Sao Paulo nearly came to halt on Tuesday as flooding blocked traffic in some of the city's main thoroughfares. Heavy rains
As Los Angeles County braces for another storm, new evacuation protocols have been established for foothill neighborhoods
Although the local and even regional effects of climate change will vary from place to place, natural disasters will likely
I want to thank the LAFD and the LAPD for stepping up and performing at their best this week when Los Angeles was hit with several, severe rainstorms.
Stay alert and awake. Many debris-flow fatalities occur when people are sleeping. Be aware that intense, short bursts of
Earlier this week I returned from a trip to the country, seeing first-hand some of the extensive damage and visiting with victims and relief workers.
El Salvador, a former battlefield in Central America, has also lost most of its forests. Compared with all the countries