Mujahedin-e Khalq

And President Trump’s backhanded condolences and hypocrisy aren’t helping.
The Nice truck slaughter -- indeed the slaughtering by ISIS in general -- and the MEK's killing of thousands of Iranians are both worthy of our attention and condemnation
Recent months have witnessed a series of unrelated, nationwide protests in Iran by teachers demanding salary hikes as well as ethnic groups decrying government abuse and calling for greater rights.
Supporters of the nuclear negotiations with Iran suspect that hawks both in Congress and abroad feel the same way as Rajavi
WASHINGTON -- In what has become an all-too-familiar sight on Capitol Hill, at least a half-dozen members of the exiled Iranian
I've been reporting on the MEK for The Huffington Post since last summer, and members of the group have threatened my house and hacked my email. Still, I believe the State Department's decision Friday to remove the MEK from the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations was a good one.
Here's what we know: David Plouffe, campaign manager for Obama during the 2008 presidential race and currently a senior advisor
Additionally, at least four Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated since 2010, and others were injured but not
I can no longer remain silent. We are fast approaching a point of no return regarding the MEK's terrorist designation, and my government is running the risk of making a disastrous mistake.