Mulan film

Disney's latest live-action film, which has been plagued by controversies, is off to slow start at the international box office.
Connections with Xinjiang have proven to be the latest in a series of headaches embroiling the live-action version of "Mulan."
The director said nothing was actually re-shot for the remake, which will be released on Disney+ on Friday.
The $200 million film will forgo a theatrical release and go directly to streaming on Sept. 4.
The filmmakers explained that the Me Too movement affected the role.
Chris Sanders talks about alternate Disney endings, as well as making Harrison Ford pet a guy's head in "Call of the Wild."
Disney's remake of the 1998 animated film promises plenty of action sequences and an evil witch.
The original Mulan seems stoked for the upcoming live-action movie.
The film is set to hit the big screen in 2020.
“‘Mulan’ is a really clear story where, particularly, her gender expression was so woven into this narrative,” Yang told YouTuber Hannah Hart.