The secretary of state lumped multiculturalism in with "woke-ism" as agents of U.S. downfall.
One of my biggest sources of frustration as a mother has been finding suitable toys and books for my daughters that help bridge cultural gaps.
A tea house proprietor talks multiculturalism in light of the RNC.
Stephen Miller has been railing against PC culture for half his life.
“We might be of different color, but here we are all equal.”
"The range of experiences become the mainstream in Canada, and for me, that happens within our public schools."
The German chancellor said immigrants will have to do more to assimilate.
If you have some kind of identity crisis, you are not alone. Welcome to the ever changing, flowing, rich, mixed, crazy, and not at all homogeneous group of Latinos, Afro-Latinos, Spanish-Latinos, Hispanics and so on.
The bilingual, bicultural candidate calls for assimilation in public, but practices multiculturalism at home.