multimedia art

Laurie Anderson (b. 1947) is an internationally renowned experimental performance artist, composer, musician and film director
In her outstanding new show, "Kisses Kisses," at bitforms, Yael Kanarek offers an illuminating view of her wide-ranging digital
The art of collage is not just about cutting and pasting.
Mohammed el Gharani, one of the youngest detainees in Guantánamo history, is sharing his story.
"A Throw of Fifteen-Love", by multimedia artist Ariane Schick, opened Thursday at 55Gansevoort, a project space known for exhibiting renowned and upcoming artists including Aaron Bobrow, Jeanette Hayes and Betty Thompkins.
A. M. Weaver has devoted much of her working life to social awareness and activism through the arts. With her latest project, Ceremonies of Dark Men, she is taking participants on a journey through the American landscape through a lens not often enough explored.
At the biennial's opening, viewers swarmed to the mirrors and cameras, so much so that it was impossible to tell if more
Do you think what's designated as "disgusting" remains semi-consistent between times and cultures? In this show, I wanted
Many of the world's best known art is made of a singular material: statues made of marble, portraits and battles depicted
If you are a lover of modern dance and multimedia theater you should add this show to your list to try and catch.
A sound crept in, smooth and low, and the clamor of 100 conversations melted away until all that remained was the painting, the music and me.
Many of us have become daily producers/reproducers of cultural content, and it is technology that has made this possible.
JM: I am happy to have a different place to check out. Much like when we went to Abu Dhabi I think it will be nice to de
"One night, while eating dinner, we looked at our chopsticks and saw how the two became one," Song Dong told Art in America
I think it's safe to say most of my happiest moments in life were enjoyed with food. I wish I had a digital record of these events exactly how I experienced them. So why not? We should have a digital record of amazing food experiences.
Design and engineering studio Bot and Dolly's latest work is called Box, a project that celebrates artistic and technological
See the remaining works below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. When you visualize your memories, where exactly
"77 Million Paintings" runs through June 2 in New York as a part of the Red Bull Music Academy's spring programming series