These consequences are typically presented as side effects. But the biggest problem with multitasking isn't what it causes
Worse, I'm often multi-tasking -- listening to a podcast while I cruise Facebook and Twitter, for example -- which really
Don't be so quick to judge. What appears like procrastination to you may actually be productivity. A co-worker may be in
To-do lists that are organized according to what works best for the user can be incredibly helpful and provide a feeling of accomplishment and a better sense of control. Here are three of my top tips:
Let's give up multitasking without the need justify it or explain ourselves. The results will speak for themselves.
After years of being a chronic multitasker, it was time for writer and digital consultant Verena von Pfetten to change things up for the sake of her work.
In the next few minutes, as I waited for the tow truck to arrive, the blare of sirens preceded a caravan of fire engines