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In the past 70 years, roughly 15 men have portrayed the heroic Robin Hood in film and on television. Now Sean Maguire joins that coveted list. This gifted actor has brought his special interpretation of the romantic hero to ABC's newest hit fantasy drama.
Mumford & Sons will release their first "rock" album on May 4, but the band debuted its second track, "The Wolf," on Thursday
When Mumford & Sons went on break in the fall of 2013, Marcus Mumford had no idea how long it would last. But the band reconvened
"This is the most important song I've ever released. It's been inside me for 20 years, and I've wanted to write it since my chemotherapy ended. I've learned to forgive myself for surviving... It was an extremely therapeutic song to write."
Here's the track list for "Wilder Mind." Despite breakup rumors and hiatus announcements, Mumford and Sons announced Monday
I received a text from my son in the middle of the night. It read, "I love you." My first thought was to text back: "Are you okay?!" And then I remembered. He's on mile 26 of a marathon.
Lest fans panic and start playing "I Will Wait" on repeat, however, Mumford & Sons' rep said in an email to HuffPost Entertainment
Mumford & Sons announced last weekend that they're taking a "considerable amount" of time off, and already we have a folk
Mumford & Sons are winding down from a banner year, and now they're looking to take a much-deserved break. The London quartet, who wrapped their tour in Kansas on Friday night, told Rolling Stone "there won’t be any Mumford & Sons activities for the foreseeable future."
After "Babel" nabbed the Grammy for Album of the Year in February, Mumford & Sons has been touring the world nonstop. In
Mumford & Sons kept on rocking despite the DJ and Clermont employees' asking them to put their phones away, reports TMZ. Band
Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Ed Helms and Will Forte aren't in Mumford & Sons, but they play the group in the band's new
Labeling Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers rock bands is "an offense," according to Cooper. To him, that term should be reserved
The album, released in September 2012, is currently the third best-selling record of the year, behind Justin Timberlake's
When the set eventually ended, Rodgers left the stage. Fans howled and clapped with excitement, trying to coax him into playing
In every song, this band displayed a joy in the music, as if they're still just four men playing for kicks in the pub back home and not a band on the rise packing out venues.
Days later, the band gave an update on Dwane's surgery, taking a light-hearted approach to his condition. "It is with great