mumia abu-jamal

This past week, I attended an Orange Township public school board meeting in New Jersey in support of first-year teacher, Marylin Zuniga, who has been suspended from her teaching position at Forest Street Elementary School.
What does it mean for hundreds of thousands of prisoners in the United States when the world's most famous prisoner faces possible death from medical neglect in a Pennsylvania prison?
Zuniga's assignment has prompted a range of reactions. While some parents and police leaders are dismayed, many activists
Imprisoned journalist and former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal has been taken to the Intensive Care Unit of Schuylkill Medical Center in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, after he was removed from prison for a medical emergency without any notification to his family, friends or lawyers. Prison officials told his supporters he is in diabetic shock.
This past October, a startling bill was fast-tracked through the Pennsylvania legislature that should make every one of us take pause and think about what those documents really mean.
Because they speak uncomfortable truths, black prophetic voices, while they are alive, are vilified and violently persecuted by repressive agents of the state.
Fernandez said that the law specifically targets prisoners like Abu-Jamal, who have remained vocal from behind bars through
PHILADELPHIA, Oct 16 (Reuters) - The Pennsylvania Senate on Thursday sent to Governor Tom Corbett a bill that allows crime
Misplaced priorities and a profit motive are starving the schools, in the midst of the state's impressive prison expansion.
"I think that if students invite a speaker, they should be allowed to engage that viewpoint. I'm reminded of Columbia University