The vast majority of the cases began while migrants were detained, not beforehand.
Temple University in Philadelphia had been dealing with a similar outbreak that sickened more than 100 people.
Philadelphia's health department expects the outbreak to continue "for a while longer" and encourages vaccinating.
ICE detention centers throughout the country have quarantined migrants after outbreaks of mumps, influenza and chicken pox.
Health officials say there’s no evidence the disease was transmitted outside the facility.
One of the biggest tragedies for African-American fathers is the lack of faith in our parenting abilities, but here’s a refreshing
You can get mumps even if you’re vaccinated, though your symptoms likely won’t be as bad.
A series of big outbreaks are prompting experts to consider giving Americans a boost.
By Michael Gollust "Many cases we're seeing involve folks who were infected years before, were asymptomatic, and then the
Luckily, there are vaccines that prevent these viruses, and many others, from destroying our children. Vaccines that keep our families safe and intact. So no parent has to worry about whether their child will die, or worse, be permanently disabled by a preventable disease.
Today, most people don't remember the heartbreaking and sometimes lethal effects of not vaccinating and hence can't see their own vital role in public health.
This week, New Jersey joined New York and Ohio as the third U.S. location to have a mumps outbreak this year—and it probably
Can you catch diseases or other sicknesses from sharing drinks? The answer is a resounding "yes" -- some diseases or sicknesses, anyway.
As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program. Earlier On HuffPost
There is an outbreak of mumps in the UC Berkeley campus community, campus officials announced late Tuesday night. Read more