Those who've juggled childcare with coronavirus symptoms on their own are angered by Cummings' "arrogance" – and the PM's defence of his man.
I walked into the house, kids screaming, all trying to get my attention, dog jumping on my leg expecting his walk and I was
I don't really understand why it is anyone's business how someone else raises their children.
You’ll feel more guilt than you knew possible, but it honestly does get easier.
Peppa Pig is by far one of my son's most favourite TV programmes. Much to my dismay. I can't bear it when George suddenly bursts into tears, which as many other parents will know, tends to happen in every single bastard episode. It goes right through me.
A few nights ago on 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' (yes I'm a fan), you said how happy you were to be in Fergie's new music video M.I.L.F$ (which is supposed to have some sort of "pro mom" message). You said that you are all about empowering other moms but later added that you are not like one of those "mom moms." Everything from pregnancy, to giving birth, breastfeeding
It's highly likely that by the time your daughter is ready to have relationships, she will have seen porn too. The fact she has viewed it will mean she is more likely to do what boys ask, even if makes her uncomfortable, degraded or it is physically painful -- because she thinks that's the deal.
Alcohol effects sleep recovery -- Whilst I can feel that the quality of my sleep is affected by alcohol my results showed
1. It had to work around Henry. The hours of work would always have to work around Henry; I wouldn't miss trips to the park
Why is it that when a women is pregnant it's all about how gorgeous her bump is and yet when the baby is born, it suddenly becomes something offensive?
Our #TalkToMe video is a lighthearted yet authentic conversation between me and our older daughter, Isha -- a wise young lady.
Are you the kind of person who hates a messy house? Do you clean regularly and are pedantic about having things neat and tidy all the time? Can you stand not having the bed made or the chairs pushed in?
We need to honour what we want, not what others or culture expect from us. There's even a place to write gratitude at the
When I get those guilty feelings I remember those wise words "get used to it" and I take pleasure in knowing I am part of a truly amazing VIP club, and that this feeling is simply part of the membership.
I love my children with all my heart. They are by far the most treasured people in my life and I want to spend as much time as I can with them. Having said that, I also need some time away from them, as awful as that may sound to some people, this is MY truth and how I feel, and I am not going to lie about it just to try and please everyone.
Don't get me wrong, I love being a mum. I've always wanted to be one and I'm delighted that I have two adorable children who I love dearly. However, in the last few years I've learned that motherhood isn't all smiles and rainbows.
That's because a strong willed child will keep moving in a certain direction regardless of the obstacles along their way
So I was going to write a post about "A day in the life of a working mum" but as I was thinking about the title it really Pissed. Me. Off.
It's life's lust for expansion, even though it sometimes upsets our own mothers. If you're lucky, like I am lucky, your mum will pack her growth suitcase and come along with you.