mumtaz qadri

On the morning of January 5, 2011, as the body of slain Punjab Governor Salman Taseer was placed in the grounds of the palatial Governor's House in the heart of Lahore, there was much confusion over who would offer his funeral prayers.
On Sunday afternoon on March 27, 2016, after their midday prayers, thousands of protestors headed in the direction of Islamabad, the federal capital of Pakistan.
Since the 1980s, patronized by the security establishment, the religious right has gained political ground in Pakistan. The goal is to grab political power and impose a harsh version of Islam on a country founded in the name of the religion.
A tall minaret can be seen from afar. In the labyrinth streets of the city of Kasur in Pakistan, this tall minaret of the mosque becomes our guide
A stand against religious vigilantism is not the same as a stand against religious extremism.
The blasphemy laws carry a death sentence for insulting Islam.
Regardless of one's position on the death penalty, the guilty verdict is a tremendous step forward in democracy and rule of law in Pakistan.