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Democracy is the only way we’ll truly fix the country’s crumbling infrastructure.
U.S. and Chinese mayors are discussing climate action this week. There's one best practice in particular that all others
There have been numerous high-profile allegations of misconduct regarding the structuring, sales and trading of some of Puerto Rico's bonds. The SEC is supposed to be in the investor and issuer protection business. It's time for them to get to work.
Getting away from D.C. every so often helps with perspective. Life inside the Beltway can cloud one's views and lead to an
So, if you combine the negative effects above, you can see just how dangerous a deflationary cycle can be.  Deferred spending recently published an article (Store closings are the hottest trend in retail) about the rash of retail store closings
With the S&P 500 now down about 10% from its all-time high in May 2015, a certain level of fear has returned to the markets
The graph below shows the month-on-month growth rates in two commonly used gauges of consumer spending - Personal Consumption
If the full extent of the budgetary problems are not well understood, how can we be in a position to address the problems?
Economic data and financial-asset prices don't always paint the same picture about the health of the economy.