municipal debt

While electricity will eventually return to Puerto Rico following a massive island-wide blackout that left 1.5 million residents in darkness, it may take decades to return the island to a solid footing.
With nearly 10 per cent of the island's inhabitants foregoing the tropical paradise over the last decade, it begs the question of what policy measures can be implemented to reverse this trend and put Puerto Rico on a path toward a brighter future.
As the recent global financial crisis taught us, privatizing gains while socializing losses is a dangerous economic policy and financial contagion cannot be easily quantified or reversed.
New York City has more outstanding debt than ever before, and Mayor Bill de Blasio has proposed a 10-year capital plan that will increase it substantially. Now is the time to consider how much debt is appropriate.
The message we're sending other cities as well as our own citizens is it's OK to mismanage all of your money because the government will come riding in on the white horse to save you.
Detroit is known as the nation's manufacturing capital for good reason: it still has the facilities, the firms, the research institutions, the workforce, and -- of course -- the grit to justify the title. The right kind of assistance could get Motor City rolling again.
Jason Linkins, HuffPost political reporter, talks with HuffPost Live hosts Jacob Soboroff and Alyona Minkovski about 'Fix The Debt', a major player in the deficit hack industry, asking people to contact their representatives to help us avert going off the fiscal cliff.