The characteristically unintelligible Swedish Chef is dealing with a bunch of specialized requests by one of the foodies
("Boy that's going to be all over the internet," Kermit remarked.) The Muppets came out swinging with a long-awaited response
In the biggest red trial since Joseph McCarthy scared the nation, "The Muppets" director James Bobin insists that the titular
We take Tyrone seriously, Askins said, because the play is set in reality, but we also understand that he is attached to
Despite having been called communists by Fox Business Network, "The Muppets" are officially back. Aft their movie took in
"Apparently I said somethings that offended little Kermit and Miss Piggy the past few days, and I apologize, I didn't mean
The Teletubbies were unavailable for comment. Mahna-Mahna. Indeed, there was no mention of the benefits of oil drilling in
These Muppet meanderings are similar to the meanings "smurf" has taken on over the years. While most know Smurfs as blue
WASHINGTON -- Jason Segel, star and co-writer of the new "Muppets" movie -- tweeted on Monday morning that he will be in
“Modeling is my life. It is my destiny, I shall accept nothing less,” proclaimed Miss Piggy in 1981’s “The Great Muppet Caper