After working on the children, I had several days of photographing friends who posed for the next set of mural images. In
12. Explore the life of a firefighter, pre-computers, at the Volunteer Firemen's Hall and Museum of Kingston. How did those
Are you inspired by these stories? Do you have an idea rooted in bringing peace and justice to all things? We accept grant
The master Leon Keer is pictured here with his wife assisting. Martha says that these figures are "Painting of robots arriving
In November 2014 Ferguson, Missouri, and surrounding neighborhoods were in the midst of several nights of rioting and looting. But something happened during all of this. Something that didn't make many headlines -- a movement called "Paint for Peace."
"We paint the music you love to hear," says Yasha Young in Reykavik, Iceland, as she imagines the thousands of music fans
The street art festival is in its second year, and already running out of wall space.
1504, a multimedia studio led by Tyler Jones, Nick Michael, and Mark Slagle, recently took some time to create a short documentary that explores race, urban development, and one of the largest murals in the country.
Some crazy fun stuff went down when Joey and I recently headed over to West Hollywood to decorate the new apartment of our recently engaged friends, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz. If you've ever watched Vanderpump Rules on Bravo or seen them on Instagram, you already know that these two are the very opposite of boring.