murder hornet

The giant wasp species capable of stinging a human to death was first spotted in North America in 2019.
Scientists found a dead Asian giant hornet north of Seattle and it's the first so-called murder hornet found in the country in 2021.
“It’s an absolutely serious danger to our health and well-being,” he said. “These are intimidating insects.”
A California wildfire, the U.S. presidential election and murder hornet eradication round out this week's best images.
Honeybees pollinate a long list of foods that we eat in a daily basis. Here's what bee experts say about their chances of surviving the Asian giant hornet.
The "Friends" alum humorously showed off her protective gear on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
Honey bees better learn this secret weapon now that the giant hornet has been spotted in the U.S.
This video shows what all the buzz about these lethal giant hornets is about.