For those of us who have been reading the adventures of Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs for the past 12 or more novels by Jeffery Deaver, nothing could make them better than they are. They are dramatic, clever, entertaining and fully enjoyable so why mess with a good thing.
Call them thrillers, crime or detective fiction; all of these and the slang term, whodunits, have been used to describe the mystery or crime story. Readers, it seems, love a good mystery.
Jonathan Kellerman is world-renowned for his excellent mysteries concerning psychologist Dr. Alex Delaware. This time out, however, he writes his new novel about another psychologist, Dr. Grace Blades.
The Kennedy Connection was a cleverly written, suspenseful page turner in the best sense and Shooting for the Stars is its' worthy successor. In this saga, Malloy is thrown into the sleazy, headline-grabbing world of a prime-time TV newsmagazine when he joins forces with a beautiful reporter who has uncovered answers long buried that lead to the solving of a cold case from decades before.
I lose energy when I am in a crowd of people. It's almost like my light switch goes off and my ability to interact with people just shuts down. My switch flipped off about an hour before the show was over. I'm sorry, I mean about an hour before the murder was solved.
Sasha Arango's THE TRUTH AND OTHER LIES is like no other book you will read this summer. It is a mystery that is never concluded; a character study that is never fully formed. It is a book without heroes - just villains and inept individuals.
The new book is good and suspenseful and enjoyable, but compared with the best of Coben it is second rate. Blame the author; he set the standard too high.
"Ascension" is a new mini-series on the Syfy Channel that shows a lot of promise. It is a story about a manned spaceship on a one hundred year journey to a new planet, that is also a murder mystery. Both facets of the show are interesting and so you get the best of both worlds.