"It's believed to reach his realm level, you have to kill somebody," McCann said. The victim, who sustained numerous stab
"Many people do not believe Slenderman is real [and we] wanted to prove the skeptics wrong," one of the girls said, according
Two 12 year old girls in Wisconsin face murder charges for allegedly stabbing a middle school friend 19 times.
The victim remains hospitalized at Waukesha Memorial Hospital, where she is in stable condition. Two 12-year-old Wisconsin
Bashara also asked for a receipt after leaving the down payment. Grosse Pointe businessman Bob Bashara was sentenced to 80
“Mr. Mirkovic has agreed to return to New York to answer the changes. We think that when all is said and done, it will be
"10 easy ways to kill someone with no trace" An English court convicted the victim's 49-year-old daughter, 16-year-old granddaughter
Two men arrested by the FBI and U.S. Marshals were accused Tuesday of taking part in a murder plot against an assistant U.S