Muriel Bowser

Mayor Muriel Bowser said Trump's "Salute to America" expenses will further deplete a fund that was never repaid for costs of the president's inauguration.
Parents are finding access to affordable, quality childcare nearly impossible. Washington, D.C., wants to be the model of how to fix that.
The White House budget director hinted that Trump's rocky relationship with Washington city officials played a role.
Previous shutdowns hampered city services, and local leaders have decided that's pretty stupid.
“We know that when victims and survivors feel supported they are more likely to engage with the criminal justice system."
The city's announcement comes amid nationwide demands for authorities to find the missing black and Latinx teens.
Washington, D.C., will have a $15 wage floor by 2020.
On May 6th, 2016, the New Columbia Statehood Commission presented to the public a draft Constitution of what will be the state of New of Columbia, or the 51st state in the Union.
Muriel Bowser won't allow official government travel to North Carolina.
Homeward DC is clear and well laid out. It is a reflection of the strong desire among city leaders to finally rope in homelessness. The steps are concrete and achievable, down to the way new construction and services will be funded.
Homelessness isn't just a math problem to solve at the lowest possible price. The people who experience homelessness are assets to the city and must be treated like it.
It happened just about 100 feet away from where the mayor had been speaking.
"We traveled from Brooklyn for this," said Sonja Neill-Turner, who was there with her son, Chase, and a college friend. "It
The Mayor must ensure that the conditions and safety of emergency shelters are improved significantly so the street is never a safer option than a DC-funded and operated homeless shelter.
Washington, D.C. is planning to shut down its massive and frequently criticized homeless shelter for families. In its place will be a collection of smaller shelters placed throughout the city. Another key change is that shelter will be available to families all year-round, not just during the winter.