Murphy Brown

The Tony- and Emmy-nominated actor starred as newsman Jim Dial in the hit TV sitcom. He died last month at the age of 86, his son said.
The actor and comedian, who also stars in "Escape Room" and "Atypical," said he feels “fortunate to have come up in a more progressive time” in Hollywood.
One episode of the CBS series showed how queer people have always been present through the ages, whether straight people knew it or not.
"Next thing I know, I'm surrounded by a sea of red hats," Frank Fontana said from his hospital bed in the "Beat The Press" episode.
One episode was surprisingly forward-thinking about LGBTQ sexuality, Matt Baume finds.
Clever editing makes it seem like Murphy infiltrated the White House briefing room.
The former presidential candidate serves up a painful reminder.
"I was home very early," the "Murphy Brown" star said.
The cast and creator revealed new details of the CBS revival during a Television Critics Association panel.
Everything old really is new again.