Murphy's Law

Those years in corporate life provided useful lessons in humility. When companies of any size stop listening to customers
After 126 episodes, five one-hour specials and a record-breaking Disney Channel Original Movie, the day that Phineas and Ferb fans have been dreading since this show first hit the airwaves back in February of 2008 is now just weeks away.
After reading a good oral history such as NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980-1990 by Tony Rettman, it should feel like you have just hung out with a bunch of people you just met and learned a whole lot from.
Charles Bronson. Charles Bronson. Charles ... BRONSON. Just writing the name puts a few extra hairs on a man's chest. Over
Taffer told the Baltimore Sun on August 3 that he understands "they sold it and got their money back." The crown jewel of
Seventy degrees in Los Angeles feels entirely different from 70 degrees in Dallas which feels entirely different from 70 degrees in Denver. Numbers mean nothing when it comes to packing.
If you think pink wine is for frail old ladies who don't know anything but (gag) White Zin, it's time to think again. Rose has stealthily made a comeback over the last few years.