Peabody Coal's long-awaited concession that bankruptcy lies ahead signals the curtain fall on the long-running, silent and secret bail-out of the management of the U.S. coal industry.
Authorities issued an arrest warrant for Jennifer Hicks after her employer reported finding more than $10,000 missing from their accounts.
"It's like she just vanished. It's one of the strangest and oddest things."
Sallie Mae is under investigation by nearly a dozen federal and state authorities seeking to determine whether its practices
Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), a former preschool teacher, will unveil a major push for expanding early education in a speech
State campaign finance regulators said Murray violated campaign finance laws in January after he accepted donations from
They share similar names. They all promise prosperity. Nobody, after all, is going to label their budget "the route to yet more unemployment." In truth, however, these are not just different budgets. They are entirely different route-maps to our collective future.
Watch the 2011 reunion below. (Murray comes on at the 5:00 mark.) In the video above, which recently resurfaced on Reddit
Military contractors are crying crocodile tears right now about the "fragility" of their industry. But in fact that industry is flush with cash, and will do or say anything to protect the one thing they care about above all else: profit.
The new deficit commission is holding its first substantive meeting on Tuesday, and the military contractors are out in force to protect their profits.
That a sanctioned speaker called for a hanging of an elected official, however, seriously pushes the boundaries of First
Of all the words I've heard in the past few days, the ones that spoke most deeply to me were these aboard the returning Amtrak train to Seattle: "Is there a doctor on board?" Believe me, I was invested in the answer.
In what appears to be a crime of hunger, a dog was caught stealing from the pet food isle of a Utah supermarket. Check out