Isn't it clear by now that flesh and blood humans have made a complete mess of things? We trust corporations with what we eat, watch, drive, and do online -- so why not complete the circle and give corporations our vote?
Now it can be told. The victory of IBM's Watson computer on Jeopardy! over two human opponents is part of Murray Hill Inc.'s master plan to remove the pesky human interface from as much of public life as possible.
The new Republican majority in the House of Representatives was midwifed by hundreds of millions of dollars of unlimited, undisclosed corporate spending to consolidate and extend their domination of American politics.
Today, Murray Hill Inc., the first corporation to run for congress, announces it is running ads on Ohio and Delaware radio stations in support of two of the many stalwart defenders of corporate hegemony now running for office.
In a transparent attempt to thwart our historic candidacy, the president has stepped up his attack by appointing the very architect of the now thoroughly discredited argument against corporate civil rights.
Murray Hill might be the perfect candidate for this political moment: young, bold, media-savvy, a Washington outsider eager
Oh, those darn fool kids! Normally, their callow and jejune little home movie project would be hardly worth noting, but as
It's not enough for corporations to have the right to buy direct authority over democracy. If we are to truly control politics to the utmost of our market-driven potential, we must own a monopoly.
With their ridiculous ruling last week, the Supreme Court has let loose the Pigs of Corruption, shattering 80 years of steady effort to keep big money from buying the country.
Murray Hill Inc. is running for Congress. Until now, corporations had to rely on campaign contributions, influence peddling and high-priced lobbyists to get their way in Congress