muscular dystrophy

“For ‘normal people’ it is very difficult. But for disabled people it is like a miracle to cross the borders.”
It’s always been me and my brother, Justin. Either us against the world, or as kids, us against each other. We’re only 11
"She's the most amazing, strong, powerful, willful woman I've ever known, read or heard about," Oprah says.
Accommodations There are motor-court motels on the scrubby outskirts of unprepossessing residential encampments. Capturing
Rudd, a great stabilizer of even low-rated Rotten-Tomato-ed comedies, is a star whose immeasurable talents need more challenges
To participate all you have to do is visit the World FSHD Day Facebook events page and get the World FSHD Day logo for your
So here it goes. I am 36 and I have a 14 year old daughter, Adara. Both she and I have FSH Muscular Dystrophy, a genetic
I know not everyone's story is the same. Some siblings may have better coping skills to deal with the ups and downs. Some people are naturally good at looking at the bright side, while others need some help finding the light... and that's OK too.
God gave him a body that doesn't quite work. A body that tries to fail him over and over again. Throughout every medical leave and hospital stay, Apple sticks by him. Anytime his health declines, he always has the same goal in mind; to get back to work at Apple.
This technology may change the way we think of some of the world's most challenging diseases.
You have the power to reverse the damage your predecessor's actions have caused for women like me who seek services from Planned Parenthood. I know I am not alone, Mr. Foley. There are thousands of us with an actual need for Planned Parenthood's services in mid-Missouri.
"Our mission is to build for every kiddo in a wheelchair," Ryan Weimer tells HuffPost Live.
In the tradition of Same Time, Next Year where Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn trysted annually for a quarter century, I was intimate with Jerry Lewis, every September. I'd meet him on Labor Day and we'd spend the entire night together. Drinks, dinner.