museum of arts and design

"What a fortunate calling it is to have this lifelong affair with clay!”
Discovering unique local treasures is one of the many pleasures of travel. Brought home from overseas, handicrafts, implements, ethnic costumes can evoke memories of new cultures and happy times on vacation.
"In order to force one's way out of invisibility one has to create a reason to be seen." -Ebony G. Patterson
I met Derek Haffar at the Museum of Arts and Design during one of his Artist Studio hours last year. He was working on reconfigured, fragmented or broken castings of people. I walked in and convinced him to mask me.
The integration of digital technologies in the creative process has generated great excitement among the art and design world, technology circles, and everyday conversations alike.
Bringing back the aesthetic delight of early analog video pioneers, artists like the Vasulkas and Nam Jun Paik come to mind when watching episodes of ESP TV, the project of Victoria Keddie and Scott Kiernan.