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Revolution in the Making. Photo by EMS. HSW comes complete with an on-site bookshop called Artbook, a cafe restaurant called
Now is the time to be here for September in Chicago. Our unparalleled visual arts alignments in venues throughout the city offer the chance to survey some of the best in international contemporary and modern artwork being made today, opening in stride with EXPO CHICAGO. All of them are not to be missed.
A well-traveled Tony Karman, President and Director of EXPO CHICAGO, recently returned from visiting Galleries in Berlin, Paris, Milan, Madrid, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Mexico City, Basel, Canada and Brussels.
To stay alive, an art nonprofit organization must engage the next generation of major donors now.
The William J. O'Brien show at the Museum of Contemporary Art is full of contradictions. I vacillate between calling it a brilliant show and thinking the art is dumb, between seeing the work as sloppy, and that it elegantly fulfills its intent.
The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles has announced the recipients of the 2013 Distinguished Women in the Arts award
Chloë Sevigny's 90s Throwback: Part One on Sotheby's CEO Earned $6.3M While Profits Fell: And yet William F
Destroy the Picture: Painting the Void is an exhibit that looks at the global redirection of art immediately after World War II, which reinforces the notion that the same good idea can happen in multiple places at once.
August is here, and there's still plenty of art to see and things to do to alleviate those end of summer blues. From dance to theatre to public art, this blog offers lots of options for making the most of the dog days of summer.
"The on-going fiasco at MOCA is a case in point. Broad and his enabler Jeffrey Deitch are in the process of undoing the work
Western art can be pretty weird, but there's nothing quite as mind-bendingly bizarre as modern Asian art.
Local arts blogger Mat Gleason broke the game-changing news last night that Paul Schimmel, chief curator at the Los Angeles
Theaster brings together the disciplines of ceramics, urban planning and religious studies to focus on the concept of transformation and re-imagining possibilities in his artwork of sculptures made from the gutted materials of his rehabbed home.
In Los Angeles, the Museum of Contemporary Art presents a free exhibition that showcases some of the best images from Peggy Moffitt. But you don't have to live in L.A. to see the pictures -- we've got a few right here.
He had a remarkable talent for balancing horror and humor, and pushing the boundaries of art all the while. "A Tribute to
This year's MOCA Gala 2011 was a night to remember. There were living human heads propped on serving platters, eyeing guests
The idea that art can broaden awareness of and exposure to "other" cultures is particularly well expressed in Los Angeles right now.
Pack away the fake blood and prepare for turned-out umbrellas: blustery November’s upon us. While you step away from your