Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

A teacher accused staffers at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts of racially profiling her students during a field trip.
A Dorchester, Massachusetts, teacher said her students were monitored excessively and told they couldn't bring watermelon into the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
The NEA played a vital role in how I was raised and who I am today.
"The Monuments Men Foundation is pleased that after some 70 years, this menorah will now have a permanent and appropriate
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), is host to a phenomenal exhibition of 17th-century Dutch paintings depicting the wealthy, the working class, and the places where the classes connect.
Woman posing in doorway in hula skirt Unidentified artist, American, 20th century (American) Photograph, gelatin silver print
2011:04:02, Minamisanriku, Motoyoshi, Miyagi Prefecture from North East Earthquake Disaster Tsunami 2011 Portfolio, 2011
The exhibition, full of beauty, suffering, pride and injustice, is both powerful and heartbreaking. Gazing upon the images
Shirin Neshat, who was born in Iran but lives in New York, shot close-ups of a woman’s face, her mouth closed and covered
Another artist might not be able to pull it off but Sargent makes it work. His oils, too, have this quality - a dash here, a couple of brushstrokes there, something only a master can execute. It is like jazz - you have to have the basics before you can improvise.
The big exhibition of tiny cards will showcases 400 postcards from the early 1900s, separated by themes including sports
The National Commission for Museums and Monuments, the governmental body in Nigeria that regulates the nation's museum systems
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA) has just become a major player among collections of the famed Royal Benin brass and ivory sculptures, thanks to the gift of 34 objects by Robert Owen Lehman.
Watch the video above for a taste of the the Giza 3D and check out the project for yourself here. The work is a result of
For three decades, Berch and his brushes have been beautifying Astoria, and for three decades, he's stayed pretty much behind the glass.
The types of jewelry the various first ladies wore and what they spent on their adornments gives an interesting lens through which to view a presidency as well as a specific time period in our country's history.