Museum of Sex

The famed Surrealist artist and Parisian socialite understood that clothing could be a weapon to be used or used against her.
The exhibit, in the basement of New York's Museum of Sex, is stimulating, to say the least.
A retrospective at New York's Museum of Sex grapples with the legacy of Japan's most explicit erotic photographer. In 2018, it's no small task.
With her work on view at the Museum of Sex, the sculptor grapples with body dysmorphia and fear of femininity.
Harlem-based Taira Rice creates watercolor portraits of naked women of color.
Author and Museum of Sex curator Sarah Forbes gives us all the dirty details.
It was one collection in particular that taught me how important it was to be an advocate and ally in the saving of the history of sex.
This isn't your grandma's porn. (Actually, it might be.)
Let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.
What happens in your boudoir is your business, but if you're noticing that lately things have been more, how should me say it, milder than what you want, then it's time to spice up your love life.