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Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez was taken into custody over a decade-old DUI.
Libraries and museums reminded the world of the better alternative to "alternative."
The violence of Saturday night's mass shooting in Orlando, FL. has left many parents and educators wondering how to purposefully discuss the event, which was the deadliest attack on American soil since 9/11, with their children.
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Lumping people together means you don't care about who they really are. You are not interested in getting to know them. If we don't take time to engage with one another, we can never dispel the erroneous assumptions we constantly make.
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What makes this particular exhibition even more timely and salient, is that the art of collage itself is currently experiencing a major resurgence in popularity among new generations of contemporary post-internet artists and critics, ranging from the analog embrace of craft to analytical conceptualism at the highest levels.
There is no shortage of Holocaust memorials, museums and foundations dedicated solely to preserving the history of Nazi crimes against Europe's Jews during the Second World War. Yet there is a shortage of funds for financial aid for survivors.
Last week the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, a Simon Wiesenthal Museum named in honor of the Holocaust survivor, remembered the talents and efforts of children in LA's BEST After School Enrichment Program -- a program that is very dear to me and which helps 28,000 children in need. It came in a unique way.
As a museum that espouses the values of tolerance, should you, the Museum of Tolerance, be promoting such an Islamophobic film?
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America has always been a welcoming abode for many who leave their own lands behind in search of the freedom to live in peace
Even 35 years after the Iranian regime assumed power, we see this same scenario: the giant suppressing the ant, select minority religions in Iran. This discrimination must come to an end.
There were many heroes of the road to equality but no one did more to show Americans the road to a level playing field than Jackie Robinson.
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The Simon Wiesenthal Center's new Museum of Tolerance building in Jerusalem has hit yet another snag in its impending construction
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Jax Grande, a student who lives in the Crenshaw district of South Central, said she felt "honored" that she was invited to
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BROWSE IMAGES FROM THE EVENT: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the 2011 graduating class of the Gertz-Ressler High
As my fellow Americans turn more and more away from their principles and embrace the passions of a xenophobic mob, I question
A number of Hollywood unions and guilds have organized a night of dramatic readings of blogs and poems written by Afghan Women living in Afghanistan.
Before it was released, "Inglourious Basterds" generated an uncommon amount of buzz for its daring as a Jewish revenge fantasy
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After years of protests and an unsuccessful legal challenge, architect Frank Gehry has pulled out of a project to build a