"Fungi are nature’s greatest chemists."
7. Add a sprinkle of salt to the mushroom pasta and mix through well using a fork or tongs. 8. Turn the mixture down to a
A new kind of packaging is seeking to replace harmful styrofoam. Mushroom Packaging, made from mycelium, the root structures of mushrooms, can break down and be composted in your garden. Companies like Dell have already adopted it, and it's rumored that Ikea will be using it in the future as well.
This forager and photographer walks a fine line in his quest for wild mushrooms.
The corpse plant over at the Botanic Gardens is getting viral love because it's supposed to be so stinky. But it turns out
Autumn Reflections.... The dirty-but-yet-delicious smell of wet, rotting leaves Countless mushrooms in shapes that you wouldn't
My 13-year old and I were both home sick. He wasn't so sick he couldn't watch TV and talk about doing his homework, and I wasn't so sick, I couldn't check my email, but we were both stuffed-up and lethargic, or as my SAT-studying-17-year old might say, overcome with lassitude.